Friday, December 11, 2009

I was really mean to a makeup counter lady, and I feel so bad about it!?

I thought she was being rude to me, and ignorning me. Normally they are really nice at this counter, and they know me there! I worked at the same macy's briefly, never worked with the same girl though. My friend made me feel bad about it too! Should I feel really bad? My friend later told me ';oh the girl was just a little slow'; i felt really bad. I wasn't like yelling at her or anything, i just gave her dirty looks and rolled my eyes as i walked away when she said she didn't have my products. Next time I go to the counter, I feel like i'll be so embarrased! Should i be extra nice to her next time? Ugh, i'm normally not a mean person, cuz i kno how it feels when people are mean to makeup ladies!! I feel like a jerkkk please help!I was really mean to a makeup counter lady, and I feel so bad about it!?
Well... I hate to say it but ppl who work in retail remember the faces of the people who are really rude to them. I still remember them years later (granted, I wasn't a busy pharmacist.. I was just a cashier). I couldn't tell you what the nice people looked like.. she might remember you next time you go there. So be extra nice every time you go there from now on. Maybe put in a good word with her supervisor to make her look like a better employee.I was really mean to a makeup counter lady, and I feel so bad about it!?
Well, I've had some customers apologize to me for their mood. I work in retail pharmacy.

Anyway, every time a customer comes up and apologizes for how they acted last time, I have no idea what they're talking about. I'm just way too busy trying to get prescriptions filled on time that I don't have any time to dwell on any matter.

If you wait a long time, she probably won't remember you. You may feel that you were rude, or ';short'; with her, but if you weren't actually yelling at her, she probably won't remember it, especially after a while.
say your sorry.

and dont do that again.

be xtra nice too.
Take this as a learning experience. And yes, you need to go to her personally and apologize for being a customer ';having a bad day, and that you are so sorry that you made her day worse with a poor attitude. She, no doubt, will forgive quickly. Ask if there is anything you can do to make up for it, and before you go, pick up a gift card at a bookstore, or coffee shop and put it in a really cute card with a note and give it to her. It will make you both fall in love with life again. The extra effort will reinforce in your mind not to behave like that again. And remember, we all are not perfect, so please forgive yourself and enjoy life again.
OMG-- I was in a situation like that. I went to belk to buy some makeup from Fashion Fair and usually the ladies are nice to me. But this one lady that was working that day was a real snob. She had a really bad attitude, and was very sarcastic to me. I thought I was gonna have to cuss her out. I gave the same treatment to her after I figured her out. I rolled my eyes and snatched by bag from her as I left. At first I felt embrassed and wanted to apologize for my actions but I thought to myself,'' why?she was so rude to me.'' I havent seen her since that day obviously she doesnt work there anymore. But what I am trying to say is not everyone is gonna act like we think they should. If you feel that you were in the wrong apologize for it, if not then dont. You be the judgement if that. Not everyone is nice. To get respect you/ they must give it. : ))) Dont feel bad or embrassed-
I worked as a makeup artist for two years...and it's one of the hardest jobs because you have to work with people's faces. Think about it: you put all sorts of energy into trying to fix people's insecurities, and they have every right in the world to say: ';It looks like crap, do it again.'; Retail in general is an awful job. Who wants to talk to people all the time. That said: it's not Helpful to roll your eyes and give dirty looks. Maybe she was genuinely busy or just needed a breather. How would you feel?
well i think you should go and apologize to the lady for the way you behaved.
just a apologize.
next time just be yourself. when she notices that you aren`t always like you were today, she will think that you were just having a bad day and thats why you were rude.

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