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What is a good over the counter black makeup for women of color?

I am having a hard time finding a good coverage makeup for myself. Could someone recommended a good makeup you could buy over the counter for a woman of color.What is a good over the counter black makeup for women of color?
Prescriptives is good, because they color match your skin tone right there and then. Their stuff is good when you can't find your right shade anywhere.What is a good over the counter black makeup for women of color?
MAC or Bobbi Brown have a African American womens need ideally. They have the best products available.. I promise u Report Abuse

Fashion Fair it is made for Black Women and can be found in most major department stores, like Parisians, etc.

Several other makeup lines make a few items for women of color, but you have to be careful in choosing, because of the oils. Some of the lines will break your skin out.
i think u should use mac as welll they help u find the perfect shade
the make-up forever brand is amazing. the colors truly match any type of skin and provides the BEST coverage because of its silicone base. sounds strange, but it works. you can find it at sephora.
I would not recommend buying over the counter. You just cannot tell what it will look like. Fashion Fair is marketed for Black women but personally I find their products greasy and not as natural looking as other brands but it might be worth a try.

I use MAC; it is well worth the money. MAC has a large variety of colors. I prefer the studio fix which is a powder foundation, but they also have a nice variety of colors in their liquid foundation. When I don't want to wear the MAC, I use a liquid by Lancome. They also have a good selection of colors, but not as many as MAC and Lancome is more expensive.

I feel that they are both worth the money. Also, the lighting is really different in the store so I go outside to look at the color before I buy. I think you will be satisfied with MAC.
isn't cover girl making a line? i thought i heard about it on America's Next Top Model--designed with Queen Latifah
I would recommend Motives. They make custom foundations for you based on your skin and undertone.
i'm not a woman of color (a splotchy swedish lady) but thinking about you...whatever you sure to maintain your pretty glow.... so not too heavy, but more of a sheer......keep it simple...........i live in a small town but in the cities most dept. stores will give you a demo of their products so you can try before you buy.....if you like what they have and what you see then go for it!....
I agree with a couple of the posters above, I am a big fan of both Makeup Forever and M.A.C, they do cost a bit more than your average drug store brand, but they also cost alot less than your average department store brand, and both MAC and Makeup Forever started out specifically for makeup artists, and then became more mainstream. I like them because their makeup artists they have on staff are most often trained makeup artists, so know what they are talking about, and can help you find the right shade, and will let you try it on in the store. One quick note, if you have especially dark skin, the acids in your skin can change the color of the makeup, so let it sit on your skin for a few minutes before you choose the color to see how it will turn out on you. I also agree with an above poster, look at the color in natural sunlight, it will show if the foundation truly does match your skin tone. One last thing, if you are looking for something with really good coverage, try Cover FX, it covers ANYTHING, but for everyday use I would reccomend mixing it with lotion, or else it is a bit thick.
Loreal true match

see source for why
You can try Cover Girl True Blend or Cover Girl Queen edition its a great product that I truly recommend.
Milani is good. though almost all makeup lines carry all skin tones.

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