Friday, December 11, 2009

How can i get free stuff from makeup counters?

Makeup counters give samples, right? Does anyone know where, and how to ask? Like, do i take a free makeover first or what? PLEASE HELP! Thanks for your time! %26lt;3How can i get free stuff from makeup counters?
Just explain that you are new to the brand and that you are interested, however, you have very sensitive skin or are choosy about the makeup that you buy. Tell the rep that you are considering making a purchase, but you'd rather try the product out to make sure that it's right for you first. Ask if they could give you a small sample. Be straightforward, but don't just go straight to the person without browsing and at least acting interested first saying, 'what do you have that's free?'.How can i get free stuff from makeup counters?
Why dont you just buy something - stores are having a hard enough time as it is with the economy without giving you free samples!
buy stuff and u will get
act like you're interested and on the fence, then ask if you can take home a sample to try it out. works all the time at sephora; i leave with handfuls of crap.

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