Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do I get a job job at a MAC makeup counter?

Anything you can tell me wold be helpful.How do I get a job job at a MAC makeup counter?
MAC usually has a 2 step interview. One, the questions and answers. Two, the practical. You will apply make-up to someone and you must be comfortable with different skin tones, textures, contour different eyes/lips/cheeks. Total face.

One way to get to the interview point is to create a portfolio. Do make up on friends and family and take photos of the before and after. They will expect this.

Good luck!How do I get a job job at a MAC makeup counter?
I would put my application and and makes sure I looked really nice that day and makes sure your nails look nice too. I would then ask about when they maybe hiring and then ask them If they would mind if I called from time to time to see if they have any possible openings. If they say that they do not mind I would call maybe once every couple of weeks to ensure them that you are still very interested in the job. And some times no experience is the best experience especially when it comes to applying a certain makeup product. I am sure they have there ways and techniques that you would rather learn from them So instead of going in there bragging about all you know, I would just show them how eager you are to learn.

I wish you the best with getting the job~~

Then you can come on here and teach us a bunch of things ~~~
You don't need any qualifications, just be well-presented with nicely applied make up and hand in your application. If you want to improve your chances then maybe get some experience in customer service beforehand.

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