Saturday, December 5, 2009

What if you had a makeover at my makeup counter...?

and I applied your makeup MUCH too thick would you kill me?What if you had a makeover at my makeup counter...?
no my girlfriend dont mind wearing to much make-up okayWhat if you had a makeover at my makeup counter...?
No. But I would tell you that it was too thick for me. Then ask for something to take it off with. Why get upset about make up? It washes off! Now, if you poked me in the eye when putting on my mascara, then I would kill you! Haha.
I wouldnt kill you but i wouldnt buy anything from you and i would make you fix it...i wouldnt come back again either
No you re ok I would not know the differance

x x x
I would be very upset and not buy anthing from you.
I think I will see it if you seem too put too much.
i like it so boys cant tell you have much on as thats what i've been told, so YES
yea, I'd strangle you, you muppet
Not at all, My skin isn't too good so i usually apply my make up thick anyway lol as long as you didn't leave the person looking orange then it sholdnt matter. After all thats what they are there for to get their make up done! And if they weren't happy im sure you could alter it for them. Plus i dnt think its legal for them to kill you and ud have cctv lol.
Nah, I'd just rip off your arm and slap you with the sticky end. LOL! Don't apply it too thickly, unless the person has a serious birthmark that needs covering and they know before hand that you are gonna lay it on think...
No, I would not. No one is perfect-
No, I wouldn't kill you, but I would let you know that I don't like the makeover, or have you correct some part of it.
where u raised by circus clowns?? every question u ask is about thick make up
no id just slap u round the chops with a wet cod that i had in my shopping bag.. then proceed to wipe it off on ur shirt :) hope this helps :)

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