Friday, December 11, 2009

Does anyone work at a makeup counter? Is the pay good?

I know people who work at make up counters and the pay is decent. Most of them pay commission- so it's up to you how much you can make but they have a base rate of around $9-$15 per hour ( depends on experience, plus that is the going rate for any retail job in the Seattle, WA area. ) On busy holiday times when there's a lot of business and you are working tons of hours I have been told they can get paid $1000+ a week ( that's a really good week. ) The problem with any commission job is that when it's good- it's really good- when it's bad/slow then it's OK.Does anyone work at a makeup counter? Is the pay good?
I worked at Macys for 2 years in cosmetics. The thing that was great was that i got to play with makeup all day, meet cool people-coworkers and clients, free makeup (it's called gratis, your company usually gives you a lot of the new stuff for free...), wear what you want (unless your specific line has a coat or smock or something you have to wear). The bad thing was the pay (I started at $12/hr with 4 years of cosmetics experience), the corporate bs, the hours (you kind of feel like you're always at work, and during holiday time you have to be there as early as 5am and as late as 12:30 at night), oh, and did i say, the corporate bs?

Commission can be good if you work for the right line. estee lauder, lancome, clinique all have really high volume sales, so you'll always get a nice commission check. If you work for a smaller, lesser known line, your commission may not amount to much.

If you are interested in getting into cosmetics and makeup artistry, i would definitely reccomend working at a counter. You get great training from really experienced professionals (they send you to ';makeup school';).

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