Saturday, December 5, 2009

How old do you have to be to work at a makeup counter?

im 18,

i just started school for cosmetics september 2008

do you think could get a job at shoppers or the bay (cosmetic counter) at their cosmetics department

or do i have to be a certifited cosmetition/makeup artist?How old do you have to be to work at a makeup counter?
18 is the age you can start working at counters. Make sure you have a NEAT resume ,including everything contributing towards makeup .Make walk in appearances and look your best so they can see your talents.YOU HAVE TO BRING IT HUN. and know that most of the time they will tell you you just apply online anyways, but you have to make that appearance.

Not all beauty adviser's are certified,i worked with a girl who i taught was as cosmetologist because she was GREAT ,but later found out she wasn't ,lol.These jobs train you ,however never depends on the that , be true to your own skills .They give you allot to read on product lines and its helps so much .but if your not that fantastic , its always gets to have the paper behind it , as well if you plan to stay in the field,become a free lance or have your own business cards to do bridal makeup on the side ETC.

[my person advise] Never think that your too young to do something,go as far as you can and go farther , apply as many places as possible .I got hired at Ulta Salon Cosmetics %26amp; Fragrance Inc when i was 17!

Good Luck.How old do you have to be to work at a makeup counter?
i bet if you have like a jcpenny or something in your mall

wear they mostly sell makeup/purfume/expensive stuff

you can

if you 18 yes of course you can

maybe you cant work at some places for makeup

nothing like nail/makeup/hair place b/c yes you need a certifitced(knew some one who does make up)

you just have to look nice and clean to work at like jcpenny

good luck!
since ur 18, u can^_^

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