Saturday, December 5, 2009

Do you tip the girl at the Clinque counter who does your makeup?

The Clinque girl told me to come in Saturday and she would do my make up for a party - so should I tip her or is this just part of her job.Do you tip the girl at the Clinque counter who does your makeup?
don't tip them if shes a sales person, because she can get in trouble. if she works at the makeup counter then she gets commission. the best thing you can do is buy at least half of the stuff shes gonna use on you.Do you tip the girl at the Clinque counter who does your makeup?
normally when clinque do your makeup they expect you to pay about 拢5 unless you buy there products. If they don't charge you for not buying there products and you are happy with the results ( and i mean are impressed) then yes maybe give them approx 拢3. if you are expected to buy there products no don't give a tip she/he will be on a commission
I have never done that and I think it would be offensive to do so. There are some girls, who do makeup as a side business but they normally make a lot of money and may suggest to do your makeup under the table.
I always tip them because even though it's part of their job, I would feel bad just being like ';thanks'; and walking away. lol

$5 works.

p.s. and even if they aren't used to it, no girl is going to think worse of you if you slip them a little cash.
I don't tip but I always buy something.
its not mandatory to tip them...its part of trying to get you to buy the products....what if u tip them and within 2hrs the makeup looks blotchy what would u do then? go back and ask for ur tip? i usually use MAC and tell them that i will come back when i make up my mind...and i usually do if i like it...but if u feel the need to tip, go ahead
yeah tip them

its a gesture of thanks

plus its not like they are going to reject it! lol
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