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Which makeup do I really need from those suggested at makeup counters?

I love Bobbi Brown makeup since it is simple and classic with a modern twist. However, it seems like so much makeup to have to buy and to have to put on every day.

For work, do I really need all of these:











Eyeshadows--lid, crease, highlighter


This just seems so excessive! Please tell me which products are ';necessities'; and which products I really don't need.


LiWhich makeup do I really need from those suggested at makeup counters?
from the top section, just powder and moisturizer. foundation clogs pores and causes acne. don't use causes wrinkles faster. i don't even know what eye base is so im sure its not very much needed. just use eyeshadow on the top lid, and maybe a little line where the eye points to make them pop out. if you are trying to make your small eyes look bigger, do eyeliner all the way on the top and bottom. gray looks more natural. if your trying to make big eyes look small, put eyeliner only on the bottom, half way. If you have long dark eyelashes, don't use mascara. loose the lip liner, and try to find a shimmery lip stick so that you don't have to use lip stick and gloss. i hope you like my answer:)Which makeup do I really need from those suggested at makeup counters?


get bronzer mineral powder





are necessities for me but some days i just use the first four and mascara without eyeliner and eyeshadow and it looks good :)
You should use a moisturizer every day... if your skin has a good even color already then dont use foundation or powder... bronzer instead of blush.. lipstick. dont need liner and gloss, eyeliner/mascara and if you want to wear shadow then shadow
Okay cut these

blush ( bronzer is enough)

Lip liner


Lip stick

like unless you really want to where these then i would cut them u might not need the powder but i recomnd it
I would say you should get the foundation. Bobbi brown has really good foundation, and it isn't anything like drugstore foundation, it is so much better! I would cross off the list powder and moisturizer because they are about the same qualtiy as drugstore brands.

The blush is something I would say you would need more than a bronzer. I suppose a blush would look really good with the foundation, if you decide to buy that. I love their blushes, they are great! The best blush I have ever tried.

Out of the lip products you listed, I would say the lkip stick or lip gloss, whichever one you think you would use more. They are both really high quality, and the lip liner is something that is just average. I have found better at drugstores, and they are so much cheaper.

For the eyes, I would suggest getting the eyeliners and eyeshadows. Again, they are really high quality and I love them so much, but as for the bases, I have found better, not so much drugstore brands, but like clinique or MAC has better quality. Drugstores have grea mascaras, i find some of themn better than the Bobbi Brown kind. :D

Hope I Helped :D






Blush only if u r too pale.
Ahh I love bobby brown!

Moisturizer you can buy from any drug store or Walmart, if you pay a little more, like 10 dollars instead of 5, you can get the same quality and finish feel that Bobby Brown offers.

I recommend getting either a liquid foundation or a powder and a creamy concealer, either stick or pot type is fine!

Personally, I dont use blue or brozner, but if you want to experiment with it buy a cheap brand, then later go to bobby brown and buy one!

Lipliner is not necessary, if you want lipgloss or lipstick in the shades bobby brown offers then buy one of their lip pallets, you get a little bit of their best colors~

And eyebase is the same as moisturizer.

Eyeliner could be bought anywhere, although Bobby Brown is known for their gel pots if you're interested, but its not really needed.

For eyeshadows, you always want a light color, medium, and dark. Just to make it simple, I bought their recent shadow shimmer pallet that had a good range of light, medium, and a versatile dark brown.

Never again would you have to open a billion things of eyeshadow to get the right color, it even comes with a simple two sided brush.

Mascara is normally part of the makeup putting-on routine.

To sum it up if you dont want to read all of that:

Put on any type of Moisturizer after washing your face, put on concealer if needed and sweep on powder foundation

Bronzer and blush aren't needed really.

Lipstick and gloss I would wear always.

Eye shadow in a light color as a base, medium and dark color if you want

Liner can be done in a quick swoop, same goes for mascara.
I LOVE bobby brown make up, just brought the compact foundation, its really good. you should defo use foundation, moisturizer and powder, and also a really good primer, you can use it under foundation, or just on top of your moisturizer to give skin a glow, when you don't wanna wear foundation... anything else isn't necessary, maybe use mascara though to open your eyes if you don't wanna wear anything else.
Moisturizer is not an option, it should always be worn.

I think you use too much makeup, i think you should get rid of the bronzer and use just the blush.

Buy a foundation that has a powder-y look, like double wear of estee lauder so you can get rid of the powder. You can also buy a primer that coastal scents sells, it is call diva defense primer, so you use it before the foundation and it leaves you a powder-y flawless finish.

Instead of using lipstick and lip gloss, use a tinted lip gloss, but the lip liner is not that necessary if you use that.

Eye base is optional sometimes it works when the eyeshadow creases or you have oily lids, but otherwise, it doesn't do much.

Eyeliner is a must,too, unless you use the shadow as one.

the other 2 are fine.

Try to be natural , you pretty much use every single product created for face, and sometimes that just look too overdone.
I only wear eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and foundation.
Well.. first of all just buy the basics first. start with lipstick/lipgloss. then move on to eyeliner and mascara with that. and buy some foundation and blush and dont buy alot of them. just buy the ones you love like really love and dont buy ythe one you think you'll never use. put it on simple to make it look natural. i think its very pretty that way.

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