Saturday, December 5, 2009

Which department store makeup counter brand is the best?

I recently decided to invest in some Chanel mascara because my Avon stuff was smudging like crazy. It works fantastic and it's made me interested in buying other cosmetics from priceier (but generally higher-quality) brands. What designer brands have worked well for you? I'm really not interested in any drugstore or mail-order brands here--I've tried all of those myself!Which department store makeup counter brand is the best?
I like Mac (their mascara makes my lashes look 10 inches long...and it's inexpensive), Chanel (they have the best lip gloss), and Este Lauder (they have good skin products).Which department store makeup counter brand is the best?
Bobbi Brown is really good. They have more shades of foundation for all different colors of skin (unlike Clinique,Lancolm who only cater to white women) and have really funky colors in eyeshadows and lipsticks for younger women. Also the quality of bobbi brown makeup is amazing. Try a free makeover there!
Lancome of Paris
You should try Estee Lauder.. You can get it at Herbergers, Marshall Feilds, or Yonkers..
if you go to the mall and go into one of the stores like dillards they have make-up places ever where
estee lauders mascara nd eyeliner

MAC eye shadows nd lip stick/gloss

not too pricey...but high quality
Macy's ,Kmart or at yur local mall i guess that were i get all my stuff at !!
Try MAC eyeshadows, the line started as proffessional make-up. They have the biggest choice of colours, more than any other brand, and it stays on too!!!
i luv mac!!
Clinique they have the best mascara

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