Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can you do your makeup thicker than counter girls?

They look so Natural. Is the natural look back? Please do the complete opposite, cake on your makeup and look like a GIRL! Please do your makeup as thick as possible and dont look like a trendy frog!Can you do your makeup thicker than counter girls?
Oh, you stink of sarcasm here. It's dripping from your words like goo!

You hate makeup, I take it?

Are you saying that girls really love to cake it on, that we make the counter makeup girls look natural?Can you do your makeup thicker than counter girls?
of course ill cake it on for you baby. i know how you like it, lol.

email me at and ill show you some of my work

or just try to visit鈥?/a>
thick makeup is sick yes natural is better and are you gay or something trying to cover up for it or what

you sound a little rude

i do know what you mean though

along with this ';natural'; look came a lot of ugly people

however, go look at this picture

and tell me she isnt pretty

she's wearing black eyeliner, and thats all

some girls dont need to pile on the makeup like plaster....but some do
Are you being serious?驴
No girl wants to walk around looking like a clown. What is your obsession with thick make-up?

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