Saturday, December 5, 2009

Which Mall Makeup Counter is the best to work for?

I'm going to start working for a makeup counter at the mall and need some advise from your expereince, which counter would be the best for me to start out? Lancome, Clinique, Mac, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Clarins, etc.Which Mall Makeup Counter is the best to work for?
You would get a discount from any of the counter you work for. It really depends on what you like and even what you use. I have known people who actually start out with Clinique and moved 'up' to the more expensive lines like Estee Lauder or Lancome- ( I think they end up making more money at the higher end counters- commissions. ) I am partial to MAC because I find that they offer high quality products, not too expensive, I use MAC a lot and know a lot about their products. Is there a particular brand that you really like? Also if you can spend some time at the different counters- see how they treat people- despite loving a particular brand of make up the people you work with makes a huge differeance.Which Mall Makeup Counter is the best to work for?
id say mac or clinique cause they rock!!! plus u can get employee discount from them
I'd go with Benefit. They cater to younger women for the most part, and they are great about letting you dress and behave in your own way. Some places are so picky about how you dress that your appearance alone can scare away some potential clients. I'm pretty sure that Benefit offers a discount to employees, too, and their products are fun but very practical.
It depends. Many different counters have various types of make-up philosophy, clientele base, as well as traffic volume. M.A.C is the busiest with the most cutting edge style. I also love Benefit.

My suggestion is to spend some time in the make-up department of a major store and just study each counter. That way you can find out which company fits your style best. If you love them all try Sephora!
i say Clinique cuz you get discount from there
It depends on what you're looking for. If you're a first-timer in makeup, then you should start out with M.A.C or Clinique. They have special choices that the others don't for starters, like benefits for promotions. Try the others when you have more experience.
You can work at a makeup counter for hourly wages and when you train you can have your own permanent makeup business and work at your own convience!

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