Friday, December 11, 2009

If you get your makeup done at the makeup counter (MAC) in the mall, do you tip?

If so how much???If you get your makeup done at the makeup counter (MAC) in the mall, do you tip?
You do not tip at a makeup counter. Their goal is to sell you product, but you are not obligated to buy anything or to tip them.If you get your makeup done at the makeup counter (MAC) in the mall, do you tip?
you can if u want and if they do a good job and i don't think you should tip any less than 5 dollars and any more than 20
No, but they are expecting you to buy something.
you don't tip, but it would be nice if you get something like a lipstick, lip liner, or a blush...just one thing.
no, you spend $40 for a makeover so thats enough.
You could always ask them first if they are allowed to accept your tip, and if they are, tip them whatever you like. When a makeup artist at a department store does your makeup, they are usually hoping that you buy something, as that is their job-to sell cosmetics. And, contrary to popular belief, these ladies do not ';make more money than most people';--they work very hard for probably not more than minimum wage, and some don't make ANY commission at all. Ladies, keep this in mind next time you visit your local make-up counter...
no u don't have to tip. they just want u to buy the cosmetics thats why they do ur make-up for free.
NO!!! Do you know how much those people make? It's crazy to tip people who already make more than I do!
You are expected to buy products from them...often, they ask you to get 2 products.

In the store that I worked in, we were not allowed accepting tips.
I usually tip at MAC because they do my formal outings for work. The application usually runs around $25-$30 and I tip about $10. I usually tip on the higher end of things for my hair, nails, makeup etc because that is how they make their living.
I would say NO. I've never asked at the MAC counter, but at Sephora they're not allowed to take tips so I would assume the same goes for MAC...They make money from selling the products, so as long as you purchase something you're contributing to their commission.
MAC has begun charging for this, in which case a tip isn't necessary. For other counters who don't charge, in place of a tip plan to purchase at least one product since the salespeople often work on commission.

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