Friday, December 11, 2009

Have any makeup artist ever makeover a guy at thier counter?

I crossdress and am thinking about having a makeover (not a drag look just everyday kind of application) in Ulta possibly but am concerned about having to sit out in the open to have it done. Serious answer only please. The gay comments are just ignorant. Thanks.Have any makeup artist ever makeover a guy at thier counter?
You can definitely have your makeup done at counters. If you are concerned about being out in the open to get it done you may want to consider looking into a store with a bit more privacy, or at least a private corner to put your mind at ease. I used to work at The Body Shop and we had men coming in all the time, I wouldn't fret if I were you.Have any makeup artist ever makeover a guy at thier counter?
You need to approach a company that is cool with something like this, such as MAC. Don't expect to walk into macy's and go to the estee lauder counter and feel comfortable. Make sure you are really clean shaven and exfoliated on your nose and brow. Youtube has some excellent makeover videos for guys. I've made over guys a few times but I never worked at a makeup counter (thank god).

Good luck dear;-)
hey! im all for the crossdressers! * be yourself * and u could probably go to ulta and get a makeover if u want to! u might could ask them to do it somewhere a little more private or just stick it out and be confident in the area provided! if u are confident, people will think its neat!
If it's nothing dramatic, just everyday then you shouldn't have any problems. Approach them seriously and professionally and they have no choice but to act the same way with you.
i taake my boyfriend to MAC for makeovers about 4-5 times a year. they will not judge you and the looks they do are awesome

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