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Should I take my 10 year old daughter to the Mac Makeup Counter?

She says she wants to conceal her dark eye circles which we both have. She also says she wants a few eye shadows, and lip glosses. Do you think she's to young?Should I take my 10 year old daughter to the Mac Makeup Counter?
I think that she is to young for concealer if she starts wearing make up to young she will develop wrinkles at an earlier age. There is no harm in getting her some lip glosses and maybe one eye shadow or two.Should I take my 10 year old daughter to the Mac Makeup Counter?
At her age, she doesn't need concealer. I dealt with dark circles when I was that age, but what works for me is putting a cold pack over my eyes. I would also try a natural foods store to see if they had any brightening treatments. She doesn't need foundation or concealer unless she is doing pageants or theatre, in which case she would need it for when she was on stage.

As far as eyeshadows and lip glosses go, I think it is up to you. I know that many elementary schools have rules about makeup, and when I was in the 6th grade I caught grief once for wearing a peach eyeshadow! That is something that you would want to check with the school about. You also don't want to have her wearing much in the way of colours-Seedy Pearl would be a good one as it's a very faint colour with shimmer. Lipgloss, I would stick to something that isn't overly pigmented, or better yet, a lip conditioner stick. Some of the lip conditioner sticks have a bit of a tint, and they're all designed to be fairly close to the natural shade of the lip.

In my opinion, I would wait a couple years before letting her get into the colours-maybe her 12th birthday or summer before 7th grade-then again, I was wearing dark purple Halloween lipstick in the 7th grade and bronzer all over my face. I think what would be really nice to do is to take her to get a professional makeup lesson (when she is that age, when you personally feel that she is old enough to wear a little makeup) so that she can avoid the mistakes that I and so many others have made. Also teach her about quality over quantity, that having less items may end up being better, so long as they are of a higher quality (MAC, Clinique, Sephora Brand-all are good for girls getting into makeup). Cheap makeup wrecked my skin.
Dudeeee, i work at a MAC counter,

and i've helped girls as young as 10.

No she is not to young at all.

When you go i would suggest you check out the select cover-up(comes in a tube, really easy to apply and really light feeling) or the studio sculpt concealer ( comes in a small jar, a little bit more thick and creamy.) for the dark eye circles.

And also the Viva La Glam products are really popular for eye shadows and lip gloss. They come in really neat colors.

hope this helped %26lt;3
Yes she is waaay too young for MAC.

It's a great company but it is not very good for your skin. First of all, the foundations are heavy (and so are their concealers - although I must say that the under eye circles concealer is good because it has SPF 15). The eye-shadows are soo pigmented that if she wears even a little bit, she will look waaay older than her age and it's unnecessary.

My advice would be, if your girl really wants to wear make-up get her Clinique. It's hypoallergenic, light, good for the skin, and looks very natural.
yea ur duaghter is young for makeup make her wait until atleast the age of 14 (girls that are too young to wear makeup look like drama queens) so save the mac trip till she is atleast 14 howvever lipgloss is okay but still in a light shade and i wouldnt buy her mac or else she will get use to buying extremly expenive makeup at such a young age buy her lipgloss from l'oreal they good quality products save the mac for when she is older and really knows how to apply makeup
10 year old is way too young to be into makeup.

Eyeshadows %26amp; lipglosses from MAC? I think she's too young to be able to afford products from high end, if she really need concealer (which I doubt, since she's in the 4th or 5th grade), then maybe get that, but eyeshadows %26amp; lipglosses are absolutely unnecessary. She's still young, just get her one of those play makeup kits for kits.
Personally, I think she is too young. I started wearing make-up around 11 and looking back now (at 17) I think it was unnecessary. Concealer, foundation etc. cause skin problems. She is just a child so try and keep her skin as healthy as possible. Also I think eyeshadow can look quite tacky on kids so i think light colours would do. But no way should you buy MAC! That cost is totally unecessary and at that age she doesn't really need that quality! Lipgloss is fine in my opinion though!

But it's your call!

Mac is quite a heavy make up for even adults to use. You could go half way with her, perhaps distracting her with lipglosses as opposed to concealers (lancome juicy tubes are great!).I really wanted to wear make up at that age too, to cover up my freckles, but I'm glad I didn't, in the long run it's better for your confidence.
I think she is a bit to young for concealer. It can damage the skin if she uses it to young. There are alternatives though. The Biore Eye Cooling Gel helps take care of under eye circles. The lipgloss is no problem and nor is the eyeshadow. Just make sure that you start her off very very neutral.

For concealer- yes she is too young. keep her skin clean and natural with no foundation, powder or concealer.

Eyeshadow- maybe get her one or two, make sure they are very light colours and maybe a little bit of skin tone shimmer.

Lipgloss- go for it! stay away from dark colours and keep to sparkly light pinks.

She doesn't need MAC at 10 years old. You can buy her good makeup at Claires, ICING, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, even the Dollar Store/General! I don't think she's too young. She just doesn't need to wear these things everyday. She can wear lipgloss and concealer everyday, but not eyeshadows.
hi im 15 and definatly think shes tooooo young. I wear mascara, concealer, blush and lipgloss and rarely eyeliner. I dont think she should be wearing eye shadows. Shes way too young and shes gonna look like a little.... well you know. just let her go for lip glosses. i started wearing concealer when i was 11-12.
yes i think she's too young. In our family we weren't allowed to wear any makeup till we were 13. If her dark circles are really bad then you go to your local wal*mart and get her some foundation or concealer. But don't let her use that as an excuse to wear makeup.
I would go with wet and wild brand for a 10 year old. And I am not sure why your 10 year old would have dark circles but wet and wild is cheap and probably better for younger kids. That way she can have some play makeup.
Im 14 and i've used MAC since I was 13, I think that you should take her because she'll look better, just dont buy her anything that looks too dark or unatural looking... %26amp; remember once you go MAC you never go back. =]
She's a little young to be wearing make-up but i would consider using make-up that is cheaper than MAC
She is way too young for MAC! I'm 15 and don't even have MAC!

She can stick with drugstore products because some can work as good and aren't so expensive for a fifth grader!
yes i think she is too young for concealer and eyeshadow and things of that kind but i don't see anything wrong with the lipgloss/.
No! AND YES she is too young. But you are her mother and whatever you feel is right is your business and not mine.
No, as long as it isn't to dramatic. But only eye shadow and light lip gloss.
if shes only 10 i would not waste your money at MAC. buy her something from walgreens or rite aid.
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