Thursday, December 3, 2009

What makeup counter should I get my makeup done at?

I want to get my makeup done at a makeup counter in a department store. What brand is the best?What makeup counter should I get my makeup done at?
I use MAC. They help you look for exactly what you're looking for and if you ask, they'll show you how to apply them. They also have a makeup drawing chart which they can show you how to apply makeup to you face on the paper for future references.

I love their eye makeup line. There are many different shades and they stay put when they need to and their eyeliners are great natural colors, too.What makeup counter should I get my makeup done at?
MAC is a good place! I have been getting my makeup done there and purchase the eye shadows they use because they are really pigmented and last a long time.

They also have many Foundations that match skin colors so im sure they will have the perfect shade for you.

Lip sticks there are awesome! And lip glosses.

I love getting my make up done there because the vibe there is so fresh and cool.
MAC...they're the only makeup artists that are actually certified and know what they're doing..most other makeup counters any person who likes makeup can work at.
M.A.C. is good, they do some really funky cool makeovers, but if you want something more natural i say Clinique.
depends on the occasion and how much u re willing to spend: MAC is good for prom, parties.

if ure just looking to acheive an everyday look, ask them to try products on u/
i like Chanel their quality is better

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