Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do you qualify to become a makeup counter person at Macy's?

I was wondering how they hire the makeup counter people at the retail stores like Macy's. Do they have any formal training or experience? Or can anyone just be hired?How do you qualify to become a makeup counter person at Macy's?
While working at Belk as a sales associate the position for a makeup artist/sales lady opened in Lancome and Clinique and I was offered an interview. But that lets you know you can get your foot in the door by going to work at the store in another area. Also try applying online at one of their makeup carriers sites.How do you qualify to become a makeup counter person at Macy's?
i bet you can be hired on the spot with a day of training.. Or just ask somone at Macy's

Good Luck
Obtaining a beauty advisor positon at Macy's is relatively easy. I usually will look for someone who has retail or cosmetic experience..formal training is a plus!!...also note that depending on the counter you apply for, you may have to go through a seperate screening with that that instance..make sure you project energy and have strong selling goals!!!
Anyone can be hired. It's a longshot but are you by any chance ';Gerald?';
have a pulse and show off the goods.
I've worked in retail(fragrance and cosmetic) and usually you are selected from another area of the store to interview to join the exclusive cosmetics counters. Counters are pretty selective when it comes to who they choose, and sometimes you may have to interview more than once when the 'roundup' begins. Plus they are usually commission based positions so get ready for the cattiness to begin. One for sure bonus is all of the free makeup and fragrances that you get every three months or so cause whatever counter you work for will want you to wear their product. Try to enter into fragrances or during your interview let the hiring person know that you're interested in moving into cosmetics when there is an opening at a counter. Good Luck!
generally to be a makeup counter person you have to have some experience or schooling putting makeup on the public. I did a group interview there for the same position and they really liked it that I went to school to be an esthetician. That way not only are you putting makeup on people but your advising them on skincare as well, since most counters not only sell makeup but facial washes and stuff too.

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