Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is the best makeup counter to get your makeup done/buy makeup from?

I've had it done at Esdee Lauder and Clinique before and they both made me up like I was 40. I don't know the first thing about makeup but I would like to look a little trendier.What is the best makeup counter to get your makeup done/buy makeup from?
You can always go to a Sephora, the sales associates there can help you choose different products from different brands to get a trendy look. I love Sephora because they sell so many different makeup brands at many different price points. MAC is also great for a trendy look. You should also look through a few magazines to try to find a few different looks that you would like to try. That way, you have something to discuss with the sales associate before they try anything. It helps if you know what you want to look for, choose new lipcolor, new eye color, etc. That way, you are not giving a sales associate free reign. I ususally decide on one thing to ask the associate like a red lipstick, new eye shadow. Also, speak up if you don't like what they do. The more you talk to the sales associate, the better the experience will be.What is the best makeup counter to get your makeup done/buy makeup from?
Go to MAC they do an awesomwe job and most are younger in their 20's or perscriptives their makeup is really nice they are also in thier 20-30's
Go to a retail store wearing no make up pick a counter and tell them you are not going to buy anything 'today' but you just want a basic makeover. Tell them good makeup is an investment and you want to make sure you like the way you look before you buy anything.

Then on another day go to a retail store......until you find the makeup brand that makes you look your best. Then buy it.
Try Mac Makeup!!! I Love it. They have all kinds of styles. Just tell them the look your going for and there it is.

good Luck

Sephora would be age appropriate and trendy.
I really like the Benefit counter. I have never looked gross when I have let them do my makeup. Give thema shot.

Just definitely avoid MAC. Their makeover people tend to make everyone look like a 50 year old prostitute.
m.a.c. and no they don't make you look like a 50 year old prostitute. you can also tell these people (makeup artists)what you like and what you don't like.

and sephora is fun too.. i love their stuff. :]
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