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How sanitary is it to get your makeup done at the makeup counter?

I want to get my makeup done at Bare Escentuals, but it seems that the community makeup they use isn't too sanitary at any of those places....with people putting it all over their hands etc. And how well are those brushes really cleaned? Any opinions on the sanitation of the makeup counters? Any bad experiences or tips? Thanks!How sanitary is it to get your makeup done at the makeup counter?
Tegan is technically correct, but sometimes customers get to the jars while staff are busy with other customers and stick their fingers in, or apply the lipstck to their skin. Or the staff are just sales staff rather than beauty therapists or makeup artists, and don't go through the proper steps to maintain a high level of hygene or recognise certain skin issues.

Salons are checked by the department of health and have to maintain high levels of hygiene. You are also less likely to have to wait to get served. If you want mineral makeup try Musq's salon. They are a truly natural (no bismuth like ID) Aussie mineral makeup and really helpful.How sanitary is it to get your makeup done at the makeup counter?
Technically they shouldnt be doing makeup on anyone with visable signs of skin conditions, they usually cleanse a face before applying makeup so the surface should be clean for the brushes. They are meant to use a new disposable brush for all mascara.

I wouldnt think you have anything to worry about! if you are uncomfortable you have every right to ask for clean application tools! But in the end you are getting your makeup done free and if your overly fussy I can imagine they wont go out of their way for you!

I've never heard of someone catching anything or getting sick form visiting a makeup bar in a shopping centre! =)
It's pretty sanitary, they clean the brushes with alcohol before they do your makeup, and they always wash their hands and clean the top of the makeup first.

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Although results w/using q-tips and cotton balls don't come out as good as using real brushes, you can request that they only use those on you. all the disposable items. but to tell you the truth, it is not sanitary at all. if the state board examiner were to be there right now, they would not get a good grade. you NEVER double dip and you never use the same brush on 2 different people.However, this just doesn't happen at make up counters. the sales rep should always clean the implements they're gonna use on you right before your eyes, which means right before your session. if they dont' and just pick it up then you know it wasn't cleaned prior. cuz a second ago, someone couda just put their finger over it.

you are right, sanitation is key and im sure every person who's ever had their hair, make up or nails done sits there wondering, did this technician clean it before they're using it on me? but no one speaks up. like when you see hairstylists and they have someone elses hair stuck on the comb/brush they are using on u. yes they should have cleaned it and disinfected it after each use, but they don't. some people are just lazy and some are just dirty/unsanitary in their normal lives so they don't see it as gross, that is normal to them. so just make sure to ask the technician to clean it before they use it on u. they might get offended but you know what that is their job. any licensed cosmetologist should know this before hand. and believe it or not their are a lot of people out there who are just too lazy and unsanitary to clean their implements before they do a service. I should know, i went to school, and got my license, but some of the girls at school just were really gross and it was a turn off. I have OCD lol and I wash my hands like crazy and took every piece of hair off my comb before I disinfected them for the next use.

so make up brushes should just be cleaned. you can bring your own set of brushes if you like. but you know the palettes displayed will all have some type of contamination or bacteria brewing. the best thing to do is just to go home and wash it off completely after wards.

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