Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do you need special experience to work at a makeup counter?

I absoutely love makeup, so I applied to work in the cosmetics dept. at Macys. However, I don't have any experience in retail. Any tips on how I can nail the group interview to get a job?Do you need special experience to work at a makeup counter?
No, you do not need special experience to work for most lines. It can be helpful, but not necessary. They will train you if you get the job. What you need to do at the interview is sell yourself, because that is what your job will be all about. Sales is all that matters in the business. Trust me, I did it. They don't care how great you are at applying makeup if you aren't selling any. You have to be enthusiastic and confident because that is what they are looking for. They want a fun, friendly, upbeat, outgoing person who will ultimately make them more money. Don't waste time studying the products and techniques because they won't ask you those specific questions. If it is an interview for one specific line, know what you would say if they asked you what you like most about that line. They will probably ask you why you want that job, so instead of just saying that you love makeup, you should add to that and talk about how you want to help women get the look they want so they walk away from your counter feeling gorgeous. Other than that, just stand out as the most energetic person in the interview and you should do great.Do you need special experience to work at a makeup counter?
I would not think you have to have retail experience, although they will more likely hire someone who has experience. Let your ';love'; for make-up, cosmetics, feeling good about yourself and wanting to help others feel good about themselves shine thru in your interview. Good Luck!
you need to know not only how to apply make up, but what goes with what , which colors go with a persons skin tones and hair, what is good for shiny skin, or oily or dry, Not one of my expertise, I don't wear it ,
i would wear nice clothes and nice makeup, and also if you are pretty that is important, and do your hair up nice.
Show up looking like someone who works at a make-up counter and read up on all you can about the make-up they sell.
Not much but you should learn the products you sell. The customers what to know that you know what you are talking about. Macy's is a little upscale to start out with. Without any retail experience , it will be more difficult to get the job. The fact that you love makeup is a positive thing.

Research all types of cosmetics throught the internet and evn try to get online to the cosmetic department at Macy's to study the products. To sell yourself, you must be confident, calm, have eye contact with the person. Anything that you have done in your life to show detail , ability to lead or any volunteer work shows you are resourceful.

You said this was a group interview. Do you know if a test is involved? Don't get discouraged because a one on one interview is better.

Be punctional, prepared, dress well (businesslike) and if you know how to work with so on yourself. Be careful to not overdo the makeup though. Sit up straight and look very interested ! Good luck. If it doesn't work out..there are many retail stores that aren't so upscale to apply for that won't be as fussy.

I was in retail for years and a manager too. I went to an upscale igroup interview and was given psychological testing ! It was looked over by three people. I was totally honest and didn't get the job. Good luck!

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