Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do you get a makeover at a makeup counter?

Do you just walk right up to them and say you want a makeover? do they charge? I have never gone to one, and would prefer to not sound like an idiot!How do you get a makeover at a makeup counter?
you could say that but they might charge. instead go up to the counter and start looking at products and they come up and ask if you need any assistance point out a couple of the products and say i really like these but am not sure how they would look on me, they should then give you a seat and apply them on you. if not then they aren't doing their job. they don't usually charge for you to try a product out but if you just say you want a makeover they will.How do you get a makeover at a makeup counter?
i got one at Macy's one time, its free, and yea u just ask for a makeover, its pretty cool since its no pay, lol xD
Some of them require appointments so call ahead. They are trying to sell products so many of them will do this free.
its free but you will pay because once they do the makover and you want to be able to do that yourself you need the products to do it with which you have to buy. some places do require appts. so you might want to call ahead?
Go up to the counter, and start browsing. Someone will come up and ask what you are looking for. Say ';I'm looking for a new look.'; That's what I did, and they told me to have a seat. o.O
If you want to be able to walk up and not wait, do it on a weekday when it's not busy. Just walk up and browse products, and they will usually ask if you need anything in particular. Just tell them you want a new all over look, and point out if there are any specific products you want to try. They will apply it for you, some will help tell you how to do it yourself. they usually don't charge, but expect you to buy most of the products.
ive always wanted to know that too ..... i dont think you pay but im 14 ... do you think they will let me ??
if you are an adult you can ask for a makeup application. They will know if you are not serious about buying any makeup and just wanting your makeup done for free. That is why some makeovers don't look good. Mac's new policy is 3 items or 40.00 purchase. its only fair. Why do you expect to get your makeup done for free. you don't work for free so why do you expect the makeup artist to work for free?

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